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Creating a certificate course in diabetes mellitus Moodle: Results of an ... State University: UNED), Ileana Holst Schumacher (Costa Rica University), ...

... se trasladó a una nueva plataforma virtual llamada Moodle. ... Ética y participación social y El Proceso Electoral en Costa Rica.

COSTA RICA NEWS - Translated from UNED: Around 60 students from ... the willingness and commitment of PAL UNED, which gave us the Moodle ...The UNED virtual campus application allows the university community to access and work on the platform that houses the virtual spaces of the ...

(2019): Feeding behavior of Costa Rican velvet worms: food hiding, parental feeding investment and ontogenetic diet shift (Onychophora: Peripatidae). UNED ...

Correo electrónico: Teléfono: 88315629. Horario de atención: Lunes 7am – 11 am, martes y miércoles 4:30 pm a 8:30 pm.

La aplicación campus virtual UNED permite a la comunidad universitaria acceder y trabajar en la plataforma que aloja los espacios virtuales ...

LRN platform in the Costa Rica Institute of Technology (ITCR). The ITCR is a public university of ... We compared Moodle, Sakai and .LRN as LMS platforms.

by M BALTODANO · Cited by 26 — Directed Research I at the State Distance University in Costa Rica (UNED). ... technological resources, particularly platforms such as Moodle and Blackboard ...

La Universidad Estatal a Distancia de Costa Rica (UNED) y la ... National Distance Education University (UNED, for its acronym in Spanish).

En la UNED: Blackboard y Moodle estrenan el nuevo sistema de ... La Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica es una universidad pública ... ... such as Moodle's, Learning Management System (LMS) and its ... State University, Costa Rica” [1], but also applying concepts.

by V Oguilve-Araya · 2019 — In 1994, UNED was the pioneer in training ELF teachers in Costa Rica in foreign ... WizIQ in Moodle and the researcher took notes of salient information.

Turrialba, Cartago, Costa Rica, Costa Rica. Work Estudiante; Industry Education ... 6 years ago; Planeando en moodle by KandyMau 10 years ago.

It details the reasons why OpenACS/dotLRN was chosen in both groups and presents a comparison among dotLRN and other LMS, with special emphasis on Moodle (the ...

UNEDLabs is a web portal based on a free, modern, open source, and well-known learning management system: Moodle. This portal joins two ...

We analyzed page load time and found that the first response time was 481 ms and then it took 3.7 sec to load all DOM resources and ...

Program in alliance with the University of Costa Rica, the National University for Distance Education of Costa Rica (UNED) and the Technological Institute ... ... 7317) that occurs in low numbers in most tropical forests of Costa Rica. ... Cuadernos de Investigación UNED Vol.

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[EN] WebLabs or online labs are valuable resources to support teaching that can be defined as e-learning content. One of the latest trends in the development of WebLabs has been its integration into Learning Management Systems (LMS). This thesis presents a Lab-LMS advanced-integration proposal based on using SCORM (Shared Content Object Reference Model) to define contents and perform Lab-LMS communications. A classification of modes of integration is presented and a set of tools, that has been developed specifically to facilitate the integration proposal, and a generic methodology to create online laboratories are described. Examples of online laboratories, developed following the proposed integration model, and using the methodology and tools developed within the scope of this work are also described. The results show that obtained laboratories show that they are highly effective for student learning.... It is common to find situations in which a combination of virtual, remote and hybrid laboratories are used [6], [7], as their advantages can very well be complementary [8], [9]. ...This paper presents a general way to enable the automatic generation of digitized labs from remote laboratories and their easy deployment and publication. To demonstrate its effectiveness, we use two existing tools to generate and publish two digitized labs online from two implementations of a Snell's law remote laboratory, although they could be applied to many other remote labs. The first of these tools is a communication protocol that was designed to manipulate lab equipment through the Internet. This protocol can be used to automatically loop through the different possible lab states and store them. The second one is a web platform that allows uploading files, that contain the data sets of the laboratory states, to publish the digitized lab as a web application that is generated automatically.... Since its appearance, more than a decade ago, EjsS has been growing and nowadays it can also be used to easily create remote laboratories. It has been massively used to create physics simulations: there are more than three hundred at the ComPA-DRE-OSP digital library [6,7], as well as many virtual and remote labs in the automatic control field (for example, those at the UNILabs network [8,9]). While all these applications were based on Java and deployed as Java applets, EjsS now offers the possibility to build Javascript simulations. ...In order to disseminate and encourage the use of remote experiments, their creation and deployment need to be simplified. This work presents a method to easily develop remote experiments interfaces in Javascript and to quickly embed them in Moodle. This solution requires the use of Easy Java/Javascript Simulations for the development of the interfaces and the EJSApp Moodle plugin to deploy them in the web platform. The proven flexibility of such solution has fostered the integration of two new experiments and also the easy adaptation of an already existing one, opening new remote labs flexibility to educational and/or training activities.... UNEDLabs has operated since 2011, but it was preceded by AutomatL@bs, a previous project born in 2006 [22]. Some of the physics labs available at UNEDLabs are: Hooke's Law (Elasticity), The laws of reflection and refraction of ligh t, Determination of the focal length of a thin lens by two different methods (Optics) [23], [24]. UNEDLabs includes labs that can be accessed as a guest, without having an account. ...This present work offers an overview of the state-of-the-art about the use of Remote Labs (RLs) in the teaching of Physics. After collecting existing information through the search of key words on the Internet, the research allowed us to identify projects in which these tools are used in the teaching of Physics. Countries, institutions and groups where the projects aforementioned were developed have been identified in them; the specific most important practices for the teaching of this subject.... Em Óptica, existem experimentos remotos que abordam absorção e reflexão da luz [15] [16], refração da luz [17], equações de Fresnel [18], distância focal de lentes [19], determinação da velocidade da luz [20] e Lei de Snell [21]. Em Eletromagnetismo: indução eletromagnética [22] [23], histerese magnética [24], campo magnético de solenoides [25] [26], circuitos elétricos [27] [28] [29] [30], estudo de carga e descarga de capacitores [31] e potenciais eletrostáticos [32]. Em Termodinâmica: gás ideal [33] e propagação de calor [34]; em Física Moderna e Contemporânea: difração de elétrons [35] e de microobjetos [36], princípio da incerteza de Heisenberg [37], experimento de Millikan [38], efeito fotoelétrico [39], determinação do tempo de meia-vida do muon [40] e decaimento radioativo [41]. ... Adilmar Coelho DantasThis paper describes both the construction of a system to remotely access and control a didactic and real experiment to determine the charge-to-mass ratio of the electron, and the development of a virtual learning environment (VLE) in which the remote experiment is inserted. The experimental apparatus is similar to that used by Joseph John Thomson in 1897 which resulted in the discovery of the electron. The remote experiment can be accessed online from a personal computer or from a mobile device under Android operating system. Results of an experimental and remote determination of the charge-to-mass ratio of the electron are presented as well as an analysis of the VLE usability.... UNEDLabs [37,38] (a network of virtual and remote laboratories) was created based on the use of EJS, Moodle and this add-on. UNEDLabs has been operative for two years, allowing students of several different universities (such as UNED or the University of Almería) to perform their experimental activities in an online and remote way. ...Easy Java Simulations (EJS) is a free and open source software that allows to easily create simulations or virtual labs of very different topics such as control engineering, physics and so on. The Open Source Physics (OSP) project holds the ComPADRE library, a digital repository that offers more than 500 EJS applications, created by the community, that are accessible for free. Moodle is a free and open source software, well-known for being the most used and spread Learning Management System (LMS) all over the world. This work presents a new plugin for Moodle that allows searching, downloading, and adding to a Moodle course, EJS applications from the OSP ComPADRE library.... This approach is especially important for scientific and technical courses, in which experimentation is a key issue for the learning process. Virtual and Remote Laboratories (VRLs) [27,52,25,16] appeared to cover this necessity in distance education and to serve as a didactical complement for traditional face-to-face courses. However, even though constructivist web learning environments and VRLs already exist, there is still a lack of: (i) convergence and 1. Synchronous collaborative support to any VRL developed with EJS; i. e., due to our extension, any existing VRL written in EJS can be automatically converted into a collaborative lab with no cost. ...Virtual and remote laboratories (VRLs) are e-learning resources that enhance the accessibility of experimental setups providing a distance teaching framework which meets the student's hands-on learning needs. In addition, online collaborative communication represents a practical and a constructivist method to transmit the knowledge and experience from the teacher to students, overcoming physical distance and isolation. This paper describes the extension of two open source tools: (1) the learning management system Moodle, and (2) the tool to create VRLs Easy Java Simulations (EJS). Our extension provides: (1) synchronous collaborative support to any VRL developed with EJS (i.e., any existing VRL written in EJS can be automatically converted into a collaborative lab with no cost), and (2) support to deploy synchronous collaborative VRLs into Moodle. Using our approach students and/or teachers can invite other users enrolled in a Moodle course to a real-time collaborative experimental session, sharing and/or supervising experiences at the same time they practice and explore experiments using VRLs.En este trabajo se presentan características de Laboratorios Remotos que se usan en la enseñanza de la física;

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